Dark Tinne Victory

Dark Tinne Victory is the first US-born daughter of Dark Waterspoon 015. Dark Tinne Victory “Tinne” was bred by Debbie Kafka, her current owner.

At the age of 4, Tinne started her training with Suzy Stafford (Stafford Carriage Driving, Franklinville, NJ), a former eventing competitor and a 5 time World Gold Medalist driving trainer.  With only 30 days in tack, Suzy took Tinne to a show for training and exposure in Syracuse New York in July of 2018. Tinne behaves so quietly that she entered her into a driving class, her very first. Tinne won her class against 40 other horses.

Following the event, Suzy brought Tinne home and broke her to ride in less than 2 weeks. Tinne is so easy to work with, so eager to please, with an abundance of confidence and happiness that Suzy entered her into her next event.

At Just 4 and with less than 6 months training under saddle, Dark Tinne Victory World Champion of Intro Dressage, with amateur rider.

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Dark Tinne Victory’s second event was in Vermont for a 3 day Horse Evaluation Career Development Event ( CDE ). Tinne competed in dressage and cones. After evaluation, the organizer approved Tinne for obstacles to gain further exposure and training.

After the event, Tinne’s trainer Suzy Stafford said she is “thrilled and stunned with this mare’s attitude and abilities… I can’t believe she is only 4.” Suzy even asked if Dark Tinne Victory was for sale as she was looking for a horse for herself.

Debbie Kafka (Kafka Farms, Watchung, NJ), who bred and owns Dark Tinne Victory, remarked on her attitude as well. “Tinne’s attitude is from Harry”,  Harry is Dark Waterspoon 015’s barn name. Debbie continued to say “This is all Harry because mare mom is a prima donna”.

Debbie has a total of 3 different Arabo-Friesians bred from Harry. As of 2018, these horses ages range between 2 and 4.

It will be very exciting to see Dark Tinne Victory participate in her next events.

Dark Tinne Victory | World Champions of Intro Dressage

Dark Tinne Vicotry
Video of Dark Tinne Victory