All Arabo Friesians breeders in Canada and America who are interested please contact Wilfrieda Smits, the EAFS Secretary at arabo-friezen@ to insure all your required horse’s documentation is completed to qualify for this historical inspection.

Date: 04 November, 2017

Time: 9 am until completion

Location Old Goat Farm, Vass NC 28394

Old Goat Farm is located one hour SW of Raleigh, NC off a major highway. Please notify Camilla Vance at or call (cell: 610-405-6954) if you are attending, so stables can be arranged locally.

There are many quality hotels and restaurants within 8-10 miles of the farm.

Dark Waterspoons Offspring will be inspected at this inspection.

For more information and the EAFS Press release please go to