Dark Waterspoon 015

Dark Waterspoon 015 is the first EAFS imported (European Arabo Friesian Studbook), approved stallion standing (18.75% Arabian blood)  in the United States. His bloodline has proven to be the top producers of advanced competitive sport horses.

An FEI PSG competitor, he is also the first Arabo-Friesian to be approved  (2018) by the Pferdestammbach Weser-Ems studbook, a part of the GOV (Oldenburg) Studbook. He was selected for his ability to produce outstanding outcross sport horses. Depending upon the mare, the foal may be entered into the EAFS or Weser-Ems studbooks, as appropriate.

What’s an Arabo-Friesian you ask?

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Dark Waterspoon 015 Offers North American breeders the opportunity to produce dressage champions. At 16 Hands, he is the ideal fit for many of today’s riders. Ridden by both amateurs and professionals, his enchanting personality, attractive type, powerful balanced gaits combined with exceptional trainability make him the perfect choice for your mare and you.

Dark Waterspoon EAFS inspection judges stated “he stamps his foals with his balanced build, lovely neck, strong hindquarters, 3 correct gaits”.  His foals carry his excellent temperament of trainability and can do attitude.

Dark Waterspoon 015 Accomplishments

  • 2014 USDF National Championships, Open 2nd Level, ranked 11th

  • 2017 EAFS Foal and Stallion inspection, 6 foals, 5 of 6 1st Premium, Mare gained “ster”, 1 Premium

  • Stallion gives top marks for balanced build, gaits, temperament, movement, &  high quality of offspring. “stamps his foals”.

  • 2018 Pferdestammbach Weser-Ems Studbook Lifetime Approved Stallion (Part of GOV-Oldenburg)

  • 2018 Tryon April  USDF Dressage Show (WEG Qualifier Show), PSG, placed 4th



Dark Waterspoon 015 is 1 in 1M, allowing two riding on his back at a 700 horse training facility.
Notice no cross-ties, just standing quietly enjoying his treatment.


Dark Waterspoon LLC
LF Mollema – Lievers
% Arabian:
% Friesian:
Dark Yinte 002 Stb.
Yk Dark Danilo Stb. + Def. Sport
Yk 339 Stb.
Shiva Iben Gharib Stb + Def. Sport
Dark Xena Stb. + Def. Sport
Folkert 353
Shiva Iben Gharib Stb + Def. Sport
Hera M
Teeuwis 389 Stb. Sport
Fetse 349
Anke van `t Leegmar
Joyce M
Doeke 287 Stb.

Breeding Information

Breeding Fee: $1750
Genetic Testing:
  • Negative for WFFS
  • Negative for Friesian Dwarfism
  • Negative for Friesian Hydrocephaly
2019 Breeding Contract for Fresh Chilled Semen

*Please Note: Due to a field injury we are not providing fresh frozen semen.

Client/Mare Information

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Dark Tinne Victory

4 yr old, Under Suzy Stafford’s (5 Gold Medals) training Program for 6 months training, 2018. This Mare with superb initial training now will focus on dressage career.

IFSHA World Show 10/2018

  • Won 2 World Championships (Part Bred Division) under saddle at Intro Level Dressage

  • 3rd World Championship title at Training Level Driven Dressage

  • Reserve Champion in Carriage Ride & Drive and Timed Obstacles

  • 2 3rd places in Ride & Drive/Dressage Suitability

Meet The Team

It takes a top of the line team to train and care for these advanced competitive sport horses.